STARFISH Values Program

It’s been said that teaching children to count isn’t nearly as important as teaching them what counts. Summer camp offers the perfect environment to teach children important life lessons that the traditional academic environment just isn’t designed to impart. Under the careful guidance of trained camp professionals, children can learn and practice social skills at a level not offered in school.

While parents are the primary source of values education and character building, this job is getting harder and harder as lifestyles get busier. Resident and Day Camps offer an opportunity to reinforce what children are already learning at home. Moreover, in the recreational setting that includes competitive sports, performing and creative arts, and day-to-day bunk living with nine or ten peers and college-age counselors, children have a unique opportunity to learn, practice and test their “values skills.”

Most important, the STARFISH Values Program not only supports our camp’s mission of teaching children the skills of making and keeping friends while building their self-esteem; it creates the environment that makes it possible.